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Baby Electric Nail File with Light (Safest Nail File 2019)


Product Description


Are you worried about your baby scratching their faces while they're sleeping, playing or learning to grasp things? Do you hate having to stick their little hands in mittens because it stunts development? If so, Tipsy Toddler's Electric Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light is the perfect solution to shorten your child's nails, the best nail file for children of all ages.


It's not always easy to get the job done. Normal nail clippers and scissors may cause bleeding by cutting down too far, and energetic babies don't like to sit still for too long. Tipsy Toddler's Electric Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light trims the nails of your baby fast and safely. It has been designed and tested vigorously to make sure that even if you cut down too far, the file will not cut or abrase your child's skin. It is a convenient time-saver that makes cutting nails extremely easy for you and comfortable for little ones!


This electric nail trimmer operates using two AA batteries and can be used comfortably in one hand thanks to its one-button operation. Simply attach your chosen nail file, turn it on, and use the LED front light to softly grind away excess nail length. And thanks to the whisper-quiet motor, you never have to worry about noises waking up your sleep baby.


Each battery-powered nail kit comes with six different sanding pads. Three for children and three for adults. Our multipurpose nail kit helps sand, clip and polish fingernails and toenails in seconds using safe, effective sandpaper that's soft on cuticles and nail beds.



  • Effective & Safe. This electric baby nail file won't damage cuticles or your child's soft nail beds. Quickly & safely trim and polish little toenails and fingernails in mere seconds.
  • Pediatrician Approved. Our files have been tested thoroughly to ensure that even if you do cut down too far, the file heads will not cut or hurt your baby's skin. 
  • Safer Alternative to Clippers and Scissors. Traditional clippers and scissors may cause unwanted harm to your child by cutting down too far! An Electric Nail Trimmer will safely trim their nails evenly without fear of accidents.
  • Silent Motor. With the built-in LED front light and whisper-quiet motor, you can freely trim their little nails while they're asleep without fear of waking them up.
  • Great for All Ages. Comes with 3 cushioned sandpapers that are tested and approved to be safe for babies and children. Each sandpaper file is suitable for children of all different ages. Also comes with 3 additional files for adult use.
  • Multiple Speeds. Adjust motor speed (low/high) and rotation (clockwise/reverse) for enhancing nail filing positions to reach the desired softer and smoother nails.
  • Compact Design. Made with one-button design and powered by 2 AA batteries, this is the ideal baby shower gift for home and travel!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Would this work on a newborn or toddler?
  • A: Yes, there are different pads that are suitable for all different ages, including adults.
  • Q: Won't I accidentally hurt my baby with these files?
  • A: Our cushioned sandpapers are designed to not damage your baby's soft skin. The motor is also just the right speed to make sure the nails are effectively polished while not being fast enough to cut through the skin.
  • Q: Why do I need these over nail clippers?
  • A:  One of our main goals when designing this product was to eliminate the use of nail clippers entirely! This product does everything a nail clipper does while reducing the risk of your baby getting injured when trimming their nails.


  • Package Size: 30 CM x 20 CM x 10 CM
  • AA Battery Operated (batteries not included)
  • Blue Head designed for 0-4 Months
  • Pink Head designed for 4-12 Months
  • Green Head designed for 12+ Months

How Do I Use It?

  1. After choosing an appropriate file head, choose the desired strength.
  2. Place the file head on the tip of the nail and evenly trim the nail in a side to side motion.

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